My Healthy Pennsylvania Historic MarkerGO Challenge

How well do you know your state’s history? How many historic markers can you visit in a fun MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN Challenge? 

This is like a virtual scavenger hunt, like PokeMon, where you have to visit the target markers, find the Force for Health® Forcefield, then activate it by sharing some insight or even a photo about your journey or what you learned. Every step, activation and share back to the community will earn you and your associated teams points and recognition in the Reality Health Games, which will officially kick off Summer 2022.

Download the Force for HealthGO app today from the banner above

View My Healthy PA Historic MarkerGO Challenge in a full screen map

Did you know that the Force for HealthGO app has a Step Tracker built in to help you track your steps?

Who needs spreadsheets or a wearable device when you have your phone with you?  

Download our Force for HealthGO app as part of a FREE Health BASICS Membership and start tracking those steps today! 

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