My Healthy Historic MarkerGO Challenge

How much do you think you know about history in your own community, region or state?  

Did you know that there are over 140,000 historic markers across the United States and tens of thousands more across the globe.

As knowledgable, compassionate and engaged citizens, we challenge you to MOVE and find at least 20 of these markers this summer by looking at the maps below, walking or driving to the locations, finding the Force for Health ForceField floating there, through your app, and activating it by answering a question or posting a selfie to the network for points and badges for yourself and your community.


The Force for Health®GO App is part of the Force for Health® Network  where everything you do earns points and real world rewards. 

If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, then there should be a banner at the top of this page with direct link to download, and create an account if you are not yet a member.  

If you are viewing this on a computer, use the QR code in the banner below to capture, then download the app.

About Force for HealthGO app:

Force for HealthGO® is the only image and location based augmented reality viewer in a single app where you learn from your actions and also raise awareness and funds that can change the world. For more information, click here

Did you know that the Force for HealthGO app has a Step Tracker built in to help you track your steps?

Who needs spreadsheets or a wearable device when you have your phone with you?  

Download our Force for HealthGO app as part of a FREE Health BASICS Membership and start tracking those steps today! 

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