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My Healthy Arizona™ is a new type of Chamber of Health system and mixed media platform produced and developed by The Force for Health® Network, an AZ-based company focused on solutions for improving population health outcomes for individuals and leaders that care.

This initiative will be hosted by Lucy Howell, CEO Of the The Force for Health, as the state’s South Region TEAM Leader, and Denise Meridith, CEO, the World’s Best Connectors, who will be leading the state’s North Region TEAM, and will include both in–person and virtual attendance options. 

Updates from Arizona Statewide Resources

Reminding Arizonans to keep yourselves safe from dangerous the fungi that can cause Valley fever

Last week ADHS, alongside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recognized Fungal Disease Awareness Week. The annual event focuses on the growing challenges surrounding the spread of infectious fungi across the United States. While many different types of fungal diseases call Arizona home, one of the most common is Valley fever. Valley fever […]

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When COVID-19 hit, he joined the ADHS Laboratory to be part of the solution

When COVID-19 changed all of our lives in so many different ways, Adrian Fichter decided it was important to become part of the solution. A scientist with degrees in conservation biology and ecology, he became interested in public health as COVID-19 spread. He joined the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory in early 2021, right in […]

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Folic acid prevents birth defects and promotes a healthy pregnancy

For people able to get pregnant, it’s important to think about your health now to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. One simple and effective way to protect your  baby’s health is by getting 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid daily.  Last week was Folic Acid Awareness Week, reminding us of the importance of this […]

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New COVID-19 vaccine has been approved:  What it means for respiratory illness season and what it means for you and your family

Following the approval this week of a new COVID-19 vaccine by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s important for Arizona families to get updated on the newest guidance The CDC recommends that everyone ages six months and older get a new, updated vaccine for COVID-19, commonly referred to as the “updated monovalent […]

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ADHS proposes options to enhance services at the Arizona State Hospital, as required by recent bill

Based on feedback we received from the public, we’ve made recommendations to the Governor’s Office and State Legislature for possible enhancements to programs at the Arizona State Hospital (ASH). In 2022, the Arizona State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1444, which required the Arizona State Hospital to develop a clinical improvement and human resource plan with […]

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