The Force for Health® Network Partners with HomeTown Sports Magazine
to Activate Central PA into the inaugural Reality HEALTH GAMES

“Let the Reality Health Games Begin”

Official Season Kicks off October 26, 2022 – May 31, 2023

Meet Hometown Sports Magazine's cover athlete, Gavin Hampton, Up Close and Personal with this video

The Force for Health® Network is partnering up with Hometown Sports and now recruiting STEAM TEAMS in Centre, Mifflin, Juniata & Huntingdon Counties.

  • Play the Reality Health Games
  • Make a difference
  • Get on the Leaderboard
  • Have your videos become augmented from Hometown Sports
  • Win food, gear, prizes and compete for scholarships

If you or your team is ready to be a Force for Health, then sign up for FREE and play!

The Force for Health® Network has teams forming around the world to help the medical, education, and social movement leaders accomplish important goals in communities. Those goals are to help everyone live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life.

We would like to activate Central Pennsylvania and have partnered with Hometown Sports Magazine because the teams here already have demonstrated they have spirit and community pride.

We know that you are already doing good in your communities, and we want to hear about it! When you download the app, every step, action and share will earn you points as we encourage everybody to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN.


Players will have the chance to win food for their families, sports gear, and even gift cards that can be redeemed at one of 200 retail locations

Some may even win trips and scholarships. Everyone will also win something more valuable. You learn to be a better force for health for yourself, so you can be a better force for health for your family, friends, teams and community.

Does your school, team or group deserve a chance to win prizes or recognition in the Reality Health Games?

If you lead a sports team or school in Central PA, you can sign up your team or school for free. If not, sign up and become a free member and then upgrade to Ambassador, with upgraded healthy apps and resources.

We can even help you host a healthy fundraiser along the way and really up your game in the Reality Health Games this spring!

Do you think you state and county deserve to be recognized as a premier Force for Health community? If yes, then prove it and play along! We want everybody to be a Force for Health!

We have been working on this project for a while, and even took it through the Ben Franklin Techcelerator Program so it feels like a full circle moment to partner our Central PA Activation efforts with Hometown Sports, which all stemmed from showing up at our local CCIBC Chamber event. Love it!

I am always seeking ways to better serve our sports communities, readers and sponsors across Juniata, Mifflin, Huntingdon and Centre County, and the Force for Health® Network partnership just made sense on many levels. It's a win/win and we are looking forward to how our region responds.

Our mission is to develop and support the innovation, health and economic attractiveness of our region, so this type of local collaboration with 2 players like this, is a great way to support all of our efforts to support healthier and happier citizens and show the world what Central PA really has to offer. Happy to have helped make this connection.

So...what is the Reality Health Games?

It is like an Olympics for the rest of us! Participants earn rewards for efforts to survive, stay alive, and eventually thrive during these challenging times. The Games are a new type of competition that rewards self-health promotion, teamwork, community service, academics, and civic advancement. Participants earn points and prizes for all activities as they Move, Learn, Serve and Earn. Players’ points count for themselves, their teams, county, state, and country. Anyone can play if they are a member of FFHN.

Hometown Sports has been serving the regions’ boys and girls youth sports programs and student athletes by covering their achievements in print and online with up-to-date articles, pictures, and scores. Hometown Sports Magazine and Website is free which allows people to pick up a copy or go online and read about their favorite sports, teams, or players. The company provides opportunities for civic minded companies to sponsor these efforts. Hometown Sports publishes 2 editions bi-monthly. One for Centre County and the other that covers Mifflin, Juniata, and Huntingdon County sports. Their website had over 130,000 visitors last year.

By combining forces with FFHN, additional features will come to the magazine. Readers will enjoy using the free FFHN Go app to view videos, linked to selected pictures in the magazine. They will earn points in the Games, as they participate in linked challenges from the magazine. Participants can also earn points in the Force for Health Academy (the Academy) where they can take free courses on health, fitness, job training skills, and getting organized to do community service projects in the off season.


State College’s Dr. Robert Gillio, a national award-winning health educator and clinician, founded the FFHN to engage and support health promoting citizens of the world. Schools and corporations use Go and the Academy to advance wellness, health literacy, academics, and community service. Anyone can join for free as Basic Members at Partner teams and schools with Hometown Sports will each receive a grant for advanced premium features as Ambassador members of the FFHN.


FFHN completed a mentoring experience with the Ben Franklin Techcelerator Incubator and then joined the Chamber of Business and Industry of Center County (CBICC). There, Gillio met Lynn Herman, President of Hometown Sports Magazine and Website. They both share a strong sense of service to support youth and felt the synergy of working together.

Craig Womeldorf, Executive in Residence at the Ben Franklin Techcelerator, looks on as Lynn Herman, President of Hometown Sports Magazine and Website, partners with Dr. Robert Gillio of the Force for Health Network.

Coaches, school and organization leaders are encouraged to sign up their teams for the grants, learn about training at the web site or call Dr. Rob Gillio at 717 940-5922.

If you are a Coach, Teacher, School Leader, Community Leader, student or donor interested in becoming a Force for Health for yourself and others, and helping Central PA shine in the Reality Health Games then reserve your spot by filling out this form below.

Our Launch and Informational Hybrid Meeting will be on February 22, 2022, with LIVE Play and Leaderboard Action kicking off March 1 – April 30, 2022. Winners will be announced in May 2022.

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Download our Force for HealthGO App to get Ready to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN coins, badges & prizes

Download the Force for HealthGO App and test it on this poster

One of the challenges with printed material is that it is single dimensional, serving only one language at a time…until now.

With the Force for HealthGO Augmented Reality App, printed objects and images can come to life, like this COVID Poster from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

Once, you’ve downloaded the app, sign in, choose Healthy Posters, point your phone at the image and click start.

You will see 6 languages of the World Health Organization COVID Video appear.  Check it out!

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