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Collaborative Network for Health Care Leaders

Are you a Hospital Healthcare Leader looking for innovative and efficient ways to have greater community impacts with your Community Health Needs Assessment Responses?

Do you wish to be an industry leader when it comes to finding ways to support and promote healthier and happier citizens in the communities that you serve?

Are you looking for ways to partner with like minds peers, share best practices, and have access to all the data to measure specific impact areas?

The CDC estimates a $6 ROI for each dollars spent on preventions
With your insights and customization it can be 10 times that in care cost savings.

We are here to fill the gap of engagement, better outcomes, and assessment of what prevention programs work in your location.



The Force for Health Network and programs can help provide the missing links in the value based care program and also for those providers that ethically care about the prevention of disease.

  • Prevention oriented proven learning, engagement, incentives, behavior change, and advocacy for patients
  • Turn-key solution for value based care prevention and social determinants of health programming.
  • Freemium and premium deployment or sponsorship and marketing opportunity
  • Consistent messaging and campaign reinforcement across the payer, provider, community and patient stakeholders at very low cost for a person or designated population.


Why it works:

  • Alignment of objectives….
  • Pulling our oars all in the same direction… gets you there sooner together.

We do not really have a health care system, we have a dysfunction collection of business of all sizes getting paid to provide sick care.


How it works:

  • Accomplishes goals for the patient, their family, the education and workforce development systems, providers, and payers.
  • Free membership in online, in app, and in print media for the community with premium services for those that need them at a trivial $4 PMPM.
  • It is fun and is part of the new “Reality Health Games” and its L.E.A.G.U.E.S Completions, a new category of academic, fitness, and community service accomplishments.

What does our medical director say about these challenges. 

Ask yourself this question and deal with the answers: We will help you if you join our Force for Health Network.  

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