COVID FORCE Recovery Tools for Mayors & Public Health Leaders

We need to work together...NOW

We are alive, but it's not enough.

We need your leadership to help us SURVIVE and THRIVE.
And if you are seeking help and partnerships, we are here.

The Force for Health® Network is concerned about the current state of physical, mental and economic health that our families, schools, businesses and healthcare workers are currently going through…and now, with the Delta variant, and additional future, unknown mutations, it is critical that we all step up and see how we can all be a better force for health everyday.

As civic community leaders, you play a significant role in supporting healthy communities for all. Unless we put forth a concerted collaboration immediately to increase health literacy and resiliency for everybody, we will continue to fight this terrible virus and pay dearly.

Spring 2023 COVID Outlook

The 5th wave of COVID is finally subsiding, but there are still continued challenges that continue to worry leaders worldwide.

Our citizens are confused and many of the efforts are in siloes without adequate coordination or engagement to actually influence behaviors that will reduce infections.  

Our team is concerned that we are not making sufficient progress to control and eventually recover from COVID and it is affecting all aspects of our lives. 

People are getting fatigued with COVID, are dealing with grief, disruption of normal life, education, and workplace.  Incomes are altered. People are afraid to go to work. People are turning against each other. We need the help of people and their organizations taking personal responsibility and action to help us recover as communities

We MUST work together if you want to put COVID behind us

Let’s engage them with fun and educational challenges, and reward them with meaningful incentives.

POPULATION HEALTH is a TEAM SPORT and everybody has a role to play.

Use our resources, alongside your efforts, to motivate your community to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN their way towards healthier citizenship.

Invite them into your local, virtual Chamber of Health community, encourage folks to increase their health literacy levels, seek tools to cope with stress, and better own their health as we all learn more about the disparities among us.

We can also activate a Virtual Scavenger Challenge, by placing augmented reality-based “ForceFields” in you parks, trails, museums, public health centers, and other points of interest with a virtual library of challenges designed to get people outside.

The Opportunity

Mayors and other leaders of communities that care about the health, disparity, and social issues in their communities, are invited to be one of the 64 communities that will receive a grant to be in the first cohort. 

Our towns and neighborhoods have survived COVID so far, but its not just good enough that we just survive.  We must stay alive and thrive and we can best do that together.

All local health and community social issues need local participation and buy in to be successful.  We have created a program and product to help you make that happen. 

The Force for Health Network uses the socio-ecologic ecosystem of your community to work with your team to collaborate to overcome COVID and distinguish your neighborhoods as great places to live, learn, play, and earn.   


The Force for Health® Network has tools for each sector of the community to work together.  

The Network will provide a grant for immediate use of the tools to help and enhance your current efforts.





Engage, Mobilize, and Reward
your TEENS and SENIORS as citizen ambassadors
with your own local COVID FORCE for Health.

What does the grant provide?

  • An immediate launch of a local Force for Health Chamber, ready to connect your community programs, organizations, leaders, and programs.
  • Access to the Virtual Academy of Content and collaboration
  • Augmented reality activation of the locations in your community
  • Gamification of engaging people in playing the Reality Health Games rewarding all steps, learning and community service with MOVE, LEARN, SERVE, and EARN points, incentives and awards.
  • Dashboard ratings for the COVID CONFIDENT COMMUNITY Award

It includes:

  • Chamber of Health with up to 100 organizations
  • 25 augmented locations in your community
  • 10 augmented reality COVID posters
  • 5 group leaders for sectors in your community
  • 10 Ambassadors each that complete a train the trainer program and have access to ongoing support
  • Free Basic Membership to the Force for Health for the entire teenage though senior community
  • The Reality Health Games LEAGUE competition COVID event
  • Opportunity to grow the program at marginal cost of less than $1 per student, resident or senior Ambassador per year.

What are the outcomes?

  • Increased vaccination rates and COVID Confidence Indexed
  • Accelerated Herd immunity
  • Creation of movement to advance wellness, kindness, and resilience during the recovery
  • Increased involvement in the program, advancing the objectives of resident participation in your existing programs
  • Enhanced coordination in the community
  • Citizen teams engaged in being Ambassadors with messages they help craft or amplify, and efforts to address social determinant barriers

What is COVID Confident Community Designation?

The Force for Health® Network, along with the Citizenship Health Institute and Center for Collaboration and our Advisory Council will be working alongside our activated communities, group leaders, interns and specialty advisors and will be awarding each participating community a 1-5 star ranking across these areas below. 

There will be Monthly Meetings for our Community Roundtable Leaders that will both support and challenge leaders to encourage FREE participation within their local communities.  Fridays will be used as Fit Friday announcement days, where we will highlight leaders and efforts from across the network.

Active and engaged representation from community leaders addressing COVID concerns will result in either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level of COVID Confident Community.  

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