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Our Approach to TEAMS:

The Force for Health believes in the creation of TEAMS because a group of individuals can be more powerful than a single person. Transforming a community can start with an individual’s idea, but leaving a lasting impact requires the involvement and investment from more than one individual. Above is the slogan that facilitates our entire purpose behind the development of TEAMS.

-One person can learn about the health risks of a community. That same person can decide to live a healthier lifestyle that decreases those risks within their community.

-In order to share information people must come together to spread awareness and knowledge about health risks, which is where the development of TEAMS is involved. 

-Within TEAMS each person is a member, but each member has the ability to earn access to higher levels such as; leader, ambassador, or mentor by completing courses in the Academy. 

– Once individuals have access to the higher levels it is now their responsibility to support the implementation of projects within their communities

Learn it:

Research information about your local community, and identify the health risks of your community. Use resources like statistics, health assessments, or research to gain knowledge about a particular issue.

Live it:

After identifying a health risk within your community create personal goals that assist you in decreasing that risk within your life. For example, decrease obesity by establishing a goal to walk five miles a day 

Share it:

Create a TEAM that assist you in your goal of limiting obesity. As a TEAM you could start a walking club at school or organize marathon runs for community members 

Earn it:

After each member participates in their TEAMS event such as the clubs or marathons they earn access to awards, prizes or badges to advance to higher levels. For example, those who reached their goal of participating in the club or marathon are then awarded a fitbit because they donated a specific amount of time or money toward the events.

Support it:

Supporting others in the Force for Health project process can be done by volunteering to mentor other TEAMS who are starting to develop their IDEAS projects based on their community’s needs.