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kaeana-rebert October 11, 2018
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During this step your TEAM should consider who is necessary to be involved for your TEAM to execute your proposed goal successfully

Examples are listed below:

  • 1
    Local organizations
  • 2
    Teachers/ Faculty in local schools
  • 3
    Faith-based organizations

After establishing who is involved the TEAM needs to understand how to get the needed individuals, groups or organizations invested into the project

Useful tips:

  • 1
    Provide a detailed explanation of their purpose in the project
  • 2
    How are they important to your TEAMS success?
  • 3
    Discuss the reason your TEAM feels so passionate about the issue

Once you've decided what topic you want to address and who you would like to be involved, My Healthy Huntingdon is a great tool to use to see what community resources are available in Huntingdon!