For the book, Lessons Learned at Ground Zero

 All Rights Reserved, 2002

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In this book, heed this disclaimer;

Dr. Gillio, is expressing his and only his opinions in this book. These are not to be confused with those of the New York Police Department, the Living Heart Foundation, or those of any other agency or organization. Neither New York Police Department, or others in New York were charged for any of the services performed by any of the volunteers at the Ground Zero Clinic.  In fact, Dr. Gillio and his company received no outside compensation whatsoever for their work completed during the Ground Zero Clinic effort, nor for the use their equipment at the disaster site. To the contrary, significant uncompensated expense was donated to that effort.

Dr. Gillio is founder of InnerLink and serves as chairman of the board and Chief Medical Officer.   InnerLink makes products providing contract services to education, corporate, governmental, and retail markets. Some of these are referenced and promoted in this publication, but they are no longer available from InnerLink.  InnerLink, Inc. no longer exists as a company. Dr. Gillio currently is co-founder of a company called the Force for Health Network and is creating programs and products to help people be more resilient, healthy citizen of the world. The Force for Health, receives no compensation for the work done in preparation of this manuscript and of these recordings at this time. Any net proceeds from the work using Lessons Learned at Ground Zero, and related media will be shared with appropriate nonprofit organizations or first responder families in need.