There are so many people I’d like to thank and so many who gave generously of their time, their knowledge, and their hearts during this project, that I hesitate to begin knowing that they will not be able to name them all. However, there are a few who deserves special mention.  Dr. Archie Roberts and the Living in Heart Foundation volunteers, whose prompt response and tireless work, set the wheels in motion. My former medical school faculty advisors from the Mayo Clinic.  Physicians such as Edward Rosenow, Paul Enright,  and Robert Hyatt readily lent their expertise when I in the NY and needed it most and later Dr. Becky Bascom’s team at the Hershey Medical Center.   Thanks to Dr. Peter Yellowless, in Australia, in New Zealand,  and the company he referred me to which offered first responders, lifetime access to their medical records in an effort to help us diagnose and treat the New York rescuers at the Ground Zero site. My staff at the company InnerLink, especially top management, Robert Walton, Martha Harrison, and Michael Curley, who supported my efforts at Ground Zero and helped launch our company on a new horizon, after the September 11th attack. Special thanks to the many volunteers who left their homes and families and businesses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to help support the effort in New York city.

Chance Connor, whose expert editing of the first draft of this book was invaluable and Mary Alice Bitts, who saw the book through to its final form and built a supporting website. My wife, Beth, both for her excellent work by my side at Ground Zero and for her emotional and practical support, enabling me to go forth and complete my work, not only during the project, but throughout my career. I can’t forget my in-laws who were taking care of our children while Beth and I were at Ground Zero with me, and my children, for giving their blessing to this project as well.  Finally, thanks to the volunteers and the heroes that support our local communities everyday. They give us insight into what was sacrificed in New York. Thank you.