Advance the Dream Social Justice Bootcamp

8 Week Virtual Learning Experience hosted by You Do Matter

"Of all the forms of inhumanity, injustice in healthcare is the most inhumane of all"

We are proud to host this Learning Experience and Bootcamp for our future leaders (ages 12 - 24) through this new Social Justice Basics Challenge through You Do Matter. We will be hosting weekly, multigenerational meetings with special VIP mentors and guests in our virtual boardroom, hosted here, at the Force for Health® Network. Each participant will also get a 12 month 360° Ambassador membership, which will further support the advancement of their health and civic literacy levels throughout the year. We're excited to get started.

"In an effort to continue to Advance the Dream of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., it has become increasingly important to double our efforts to promote the true history of our culture. We really want to make sure th as t generational knowledge is passed on to our future generations because there is still much work to do"

8 Week Program starts February 5, 2022

The 8 Week Program will Include:

Part 1 - Welcome & Overview

Part 2 - Revisiting the 400 Years Since Slavery

Part 3 - Understanding the Social Determinants of Health

We all can be the FORCE for CHANGE...

but it starts with owning your own health now,
then working with others to challenge the inequities
that are affecting health outcomes for ALL Americans

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