Wrangle in the Wild 2 showcases local wrestling talent from yesterday, today and tomorrow

By Kenny Varner

LEWISTOWN – It was a Saturday night special! Wrestling took center stage Saturday night as the Wrangle In the Wild 2 took place at the MIfflin County High School.

After last year’s Inaugural and highly successful event, the second match proved to be just as if not a step up from last year’s event.

Creators of the event were Joey Bender, Hayden and Trent Hidlay.

Both Hidlay’s have had legendary wrestling careers at North Carolina State.

The group has put together a match that showcases the past, present and future of local wrestling.

While never forgetting their roots, the Hidlay’s have been a a vital force in giving back to their community.

Rounding up a special line up, Saturday’s match was lined full of The Who’s who of local wrestlers.

It would be the Roof Raiders sponsored by Smeltz and Aumiller against Hammer Time sponsored by Chesney Auctioneering.

In the end, it would be team Hammer Time that would narrowly escape with a 33-32 victory.

It was an exciting event from beginning to end!

Leading off the night, Hammer Time’s Jase Atherton went up against Lincoln Knable. Atherton picked up the win, pinning Knable, putting Hammer Time up early 6-0.

The Roof Raiser’s cut the lead in half when Andrew Alexander picked up a hard fought win over Jake Knable, 2-1.

Paxton Shawver put his team into the lead as he defeated Hammer Time’s Layton Bowersox in a 10-1 major decision.

Kaden Knouse reversed Hammer Time’s fortune taking back the lead by pinning Ben Snyder, taking the lead again at 12-7.

Teammate Scott Hayes topped Hammer Time’s Chad Curry in one of the night’s epic battles, 3-2.

Avery Aurand added to the Hammer Time lead pinning Jonah Kile, making it an 18-10 advantage.

The wins continued for the Hammer Time crew as Kross Todaro picked up a 6-1 decision over Gary Price.

Hammer Time went into the intermission posting a 24-10 advantage when Blaine Davis muscled out a 4-1 victory over Jake Ryan.

In the evening Main Event catagory, the action started to really heat up.

In a very eventful start, Hammer Time’s Jacob Shultz went up against the Roof Raiser’s Cody Johns.

Shultz took an early lead 2-0 and would carry it into the second.

But in the last seconds of the match, John’s would reverse the fortunes to take home a 5-4 victory, bringing his team to within 11 at 24-13.

Jake Boozel cut into the Hammer Time lead to within five, topping Jacob Cunningham via a pin.

Things would bounce back into Hammer Time’s side when Logan Wise would pin Kyler Miller.

Trey Shoemaker brought his team back to within striking distance when he would pin Hammer Time’s Mason Grove, putting the meet within five.

Trey Hartsock would give Hammer Time some breathing room as he defeated Adam Stout 6-1, sending the meet into the final two matches.

In a match would unarguably be considered the best of the night, the Roof Raiser’s Matt Bonson went up against Hammer Time’s Kyler Everly.

The match was a scoreless bout after two period, sending the match into an overtime period.

In the third, Bonson was able to take down Everly, giving his team the victory.

In the night’s final match, all Hammer Time’s Adam Will had to do was not get pinned or lose by a tech fall to clinch the win for Hammer Time.

He did just that but still fell to Ronnie Garbinsky 8-0, making the final score 33-32 in favor of Hammer Time.

The night proved to be a successful one as the gym was full of fans, family and friends that enjoyed an exciting evening.

After such a showcase of talents, don’t be surprised if the next edition of Wrangle In the Wild will definitely be another success, just like the first two predecessors.

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