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  • Food Insecurity - STEAM TEAMS
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  • We are a STEAM TEAM representing the C3 Educational CO-OP of State College PA.

    The social determinant this project is rooted in Food Insecurity. We helped this by giving people the ability to grow their own vegetables because they can be expensive. This was decided upon based on our general knowledge and awareness of food issues in the world and the neighborhood.

    I- Identify your IssueWe researched the United Nations Sustainable Goals for the world.  We found that food insecurity is in every country in the world.  Sometimes it is access, and other times it is cost.  We further researched the local Centre County Community Health Needs Assessment and found that it was also a local problem.  The identified issue is that fruits and vegetables can be expensive and people won’t buy them, thus leading to an unhealthy diet.


    D- Develop and Design a Plan:

    The plan is to teach people how to garden that way they can have home grown fruits and vegetables for a cheaper price.  It resembles a bible parable regarding giving a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish …   We had little resources so we asked for advice on how to create a demonstration garden project and then to make a video to teach or encourage others to do the same. We found mentorship and got advice and information for some free boxes and who we might approach for donated seeds and dirt.


    E- Execute and Engage the Community:

    We got help from parents with a truck and took 3 wooden packing crates that were put aside by the company at the request of a mentor.  We did ask for and received donations of dirt and seeds, and we prepared the boxes for planting.  We planted seeds and made a plastic cover for a greenhouse like effect given it was still early in the planting season.  We planted a series of seeds.


    A- Assess and Analyze the Results:

    The radishes did the best as they are hardy for early planting with cold nights.  Others also are growing but not as well as we would like.  We did not put holes for drainage in our boxes and the soil was not able to drain well.

    In time we will have more to harvest.  We will use our multimedia and writing and acting skills to help turn this into a teaching video for others that wish to do the same.

    We were successful in that:

    • We were a good multiage team with great collaboration.
    • We learned a lot about getting donations .
    • We failed to adequately research how to plant in a raised bed garden but know how now


    S- Scale and Share:

    This is an easily scalable project for learning skills that can be used at larger scale. It should not be relied upon for a lot of food for the summer but for a little at harvest time.  We hope we make a local impact with education for others around the globe and have a “glocal” project.

    We also created a video to show others how they can make their own box garden: https://youtu.be/BBOv2cmGutY

    *This content created with help from our mentors.

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