Way Back Healthy Ministry 6 Week Challenge





Welcome to the WayBack Healthy Ministry for Seniors Summer Challenge and Workshop.

This is a 6 week hybrid challenge that will meet in person, in Cleveland, OH that will also be broadcast for remote participants.

You must be invited to participate in this journey.
This is for Seniors in Cleveland, OH will be able to Create a Healthy Game Plan and Life Journey Book by participating in a 6 week workshop, using digital health tools and earning points for all their MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN efforts throughout the challenge

Target Learners: Invited Seniors from the WayBack Healthy Ministry for Seniors

Format: 6 Weekly 1 Hour sessions, with 15-60 minutes of weekly challenges to complete each week

Virtual Classroom Link: Wayback Healthy Ministry for Seniors

This includes a 12 month Force for Health 360° Human Ambassador Membership and access to all program materials, tools, mentors and peers.