Support a School Hand Sanitizer Kit – 500 pk


If you are wondering how to step up and help support our schools, as we all try and get back to normal, amidst the COVID backdrop, please consider supporting them with top quality, hand sanitizer bottles for every student in 2 oz custom logo’d bottles, to make sure every body has the opportunity to sanitize regularly and stay well.  When we support and protect them, we support and protect their families, their workplaces and the community.

Custom logo bottles include a QR code that will include monthly COVID Force Challenges, hosted by the Force for Health® Network, with an opportunity to win points, badges and special recognition for both individuals, schools and communities in our VIP Community LEAGUES, to support MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN activities that support healthy citizenship across the globe.

A portion of net proceeds will also benefit the school, so when you support them with this custom logo sanitizer program, you are also supporting their PE and health departments, as well.



The Force for Health® Network has teamed up with GreenStem Sanitizer and Design to bring custom logo, USA Made, FDA Approved, top quality sanitizer, with the maximum protection at 80% US grade alcohol.