• 5 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Excretory System

    Chemicals in what we eat and drink, and byproducts of digestion of food, can sometimes be toxic. The kidneys act like a thermostat and if…
  • 14 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Female Reproductive System

    This system has several complex hormonal and anatomical functions. One of them is controlling the cycle of getting the uterus ready to house a baby…
  • 5 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Endocrine System

    Chemical messengers are sent through the body from one type of cell to another, via the bloodstream, to give permissions, change processes, or warn of…
  • 10 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Ear, Nose and Throat

    These short 3 minute videos give an overview of the sensory organs for hearing, taste, and smell. Watch these to appreciate how they all fit…
  • 13 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Digestive System

    It is a long tube that inspired the invention of the assembly line. Take a journey from the mouth the exit at the other end…
  • 2 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – The Brain

    This is where we think and mentally exist. Take 3 minutes for each of the two videos and use your brain to better understand the…
  • 12 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Blood, Heart & Lungs

    The blood carries the oxygen as it flows through the body. It gets it in the lungs and shares it with cells in the body.…
  • 1 LEARN It! Challenge

    VIVA – Let’s Get Cellular

    We are a body made of billions of cells. Here is a brief overview of how a cell works.
  • 7 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Risky Behaviors

    The decisions we make can affect our future health. Take 3 minutes to understand and visualize better each of these risky behaviors and consider making…
  • 67 LEARN It! Challenges

    VIVA – Video Challenge Journey

    VIVA initially was created to train aboriginal Australians with low reading and health literacy, to understand conditions that may be affecting them or their families.…