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What is Social Determinance?

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Social determinants are the conditions a person is born into that are determined by the distribution of economic status, social status, local and global factors.

These conditions themselves determine outcomes, events, and development of processes common in daily life.

In other words, social determinants are factors out of an individual’s control that affect their development and their capacity to accomplish everyday tasks. 

Why is this important to consider as a Community Health Worker? 

You will be working with people that are a bit different from you or have had completely unique life experiences from your own, and it is helpful to stay well informed in order to avoid making assumptions about the individual(s).
The effects of Social Determinants of Health can be as wide reaching as the general term of race, or as particular as the format of the home an individual happens to live in, affecting their mobility.
You will learn more about the importance of being well informed in the influences of social determinants of health as you go through the lessons.