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Part of being a Force for Health means addressing community health needs. Specifically, the Force for Health TEAM programming encourages individuals to identify a community health problem and form a TE​AM to execute a project to help address the problem.

What is a Force for Health TEAM?

Force for Health TEAMS come together to design and execute projects that help improve the health of their communities.

How do TEAMS work?  They create IDEAS projects and make a difference!

  • 1TEAM Members learn how to make healthy decisions that are relevant to themselves, their families, and their communities through health assessments, TEAM meetings and discussions, and online courses. 
  • 2TEAM Members live healthy lifestyles by setting and achieving goals to better themselves and the important people in their lives.
  • 3TEAM Members share their talents, experiences, and knowledge to implement projects that have a tangible impact on their communities.  The IDEAS projects are where you identify, design and do projects to help others. See the courses on IDEAS in the Ambassador section.