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dr-rob January 11, 2021

Learn it



We need social closeness at this time with safe visiting with masks or via phone or web cam meetings.

  • At least 6 feet and preferably more
  • Farther if eating or drinking and masks are off
  • Minimize time with others especially indoors
  • Open Up and ventilate and keep the air fresh
  • Reduce the droplets in the air
  • Less people
  • Cover the face
  • Open the window or door and add fan
  • Filter

A healthier place is where you avoid the 3 C’s plus seconds:

Crowded spaces: Stay away and don’t touch….wave, foot tap or elbow bump.  Please no hugs, kiss, or handshake.

Close to faces: when talking , eating, or drinking, increase your distance

Closed in places: Stay outdoors or ventilate the areas

Seconds and minutes count:  reduce the time close together

                                                                                      (Source: WHO. (World Health Organization)

Live it

L                            Assess your spaces and places and adjust accordingly.

 Make a plan for the indoors season and how to reduce the virus concentration and risk.

 Here are a few short videos from the World Health Organization

“Keep your distance….a time for patience not patients”

When you have kept isolated and have a “pod” you live or interact with that is not infected, then you can relax a bit and try to live more like normal. Be aware of how much stress everyone is under and make less demands on people and be kind.  Be vigilent when going out because the germs you bring home could take down anyone or everyone in your pod.  Help remind others to be just as careful. 

Share it

The best way to "Share it" is to be a role model for others. Then use your gifts to be creative for motivating others to make healthy decisions about their actions.

  • Do the crossword and challenge others to try to solve it and give them the link to this program
  • Design a meme, poster, or picture that can be used on a bulletin board or social media to teach about these concepts
  • Make a fun Tik Tok or other video to make it fun to learn this or cool to help others.
  • Invite others to join the COVID FORCE
  • Write a letter and mail it to someone that may be isolated or call them