Then Force for Health® League – Roles and Positions

Here are the 5 different roles within SportsPress that you can assign to your users:

  1. League Manager – Anyone who has this role is given access to all SportsPress features, including the settings page.
  2. Team Manager – The Team Manager role has full access to publish, edit, and delete players, staff, events, players lists, and posts. A Team Manager can create teams and submit them for review, or edit any teams that are assigned to them.
  3. Event Manager – The Event Manager can publish, edit, and delete events. They are also able to submit or edit assigned players, staff, teams, and posts. Once the Event Manager has made a submission, the Team or League Manager would need to approve to publish it.
  4. Staff – This role should be assigned to Staff Members who have the authority to submit or edit assigned staff pages, events, and posts. They can view all events, players, teams, and staff members but need the Event, Team, or League Manager to approve their submissions.
  5. Player – The Player role is similar to the Staff role where they can submit or edit assigned players, events, teams, and post. They can also view all events, players, and teams. If you want to give a player access to their own player profile, you should assign them this role and select them as the user for their profile page. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to do this.