TechCelerator Application Questions Responses

TechCelerator Application Questions Responses

September 14, 2020

Robert Gillio, MD

The Company:

My Healthy Globe, Inc

The   Product:

The Force for Health Network and Platform

Problem being solved:

Health care costs and access to health care, combined with lack of health literacy, leads to excessive morbidity and mortality for people, and excessive preventable costs for society.

There is an increasing number of challenges facing communities and the people that live there.  Health disparities and equal access to health care, education, and economic opportunities are not the least of,  them.  With reduced tax revenues, mistrust of leadership, and racial and ethnic tensions, the communities are less equipped than ever to deal with all the needs, so people need to become more proficient at recognizing and solving problems themselves. 

What is your solution:

The Force for Health (FFH) Network and Platform is a movement we are creating that facilitates the rapid engagement of residents in a community to assess and address their own health issues, and then work together to help address the same for others and the determinants in the community that contribute to them.

The platform is a multimodule portal with company created and licensed tools, and content for engagement, assessment, learning, incentives, teamwork, communications, notifications, and reporting.

The Network is a collection of communities or people on the platform aware of each other or working together to share their content and solutions.

Example of need:

We are not experiencing one pandemic, but several at once.

COVID 19 has highlighted many issues, and aggravated several that already exist.  These include childhood obesity, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, and stroke, diabetes,  addiction, and cancer. They all affect communities of color more so than Caucasian communities.  With the current virus, it is these comorbidities that make it twice as likely to require a ventilator and 3-4 times more likely for death.

Additionally, the quarantine has created a pandemic of joblessness, loss of income, and increased stress for millions of people worldwide.

Current Solution:

The Force for Health Network and Platform is a platform membership as a service business model with additional revenue stream opportunities with affiliate sales of related products, and fund raising and sponsorship revenue share.

It is offered in a freemium to premium launch strategy into a community or to a person.

Why proposed solution is better:

Engagement with personalization and incentives, recognition and rewards is a differentiator.  The participant knows they are doing a good thing for themselves and are actually helping save the lives of their neighbors.

Search Terms:

  • Force for Health
  • Social determinants of health
  • Health and wellness
  • Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Health education
  • Health risk assessment
  • Community engagement

Target Market:

Communities with a medical school, colleges, and high schools affected by disparity issues.

A community leader convenes a meeting of educators, health care, civics groups and industry and they decide to support the program and enroll, mentor and support high school and college aged youth.

We are serving the online virtual learner in a home school, after school and in school markets. COVID and back to school ongoing chaos is actually helping us with this launch.  A core piece of content for us now is surviving COVID using a STEAM and a project based learning team community service approach.

Three customer examples:

  • Buffalo NY schools using the portal to create a services directory and the Buffalo FFH teams.
  • Ohio has 40 counties engaged with over 100 school districts and 1000 students doing a FFH TEAM IDEAS presentation at the national convention
  • The Mayo Clinic asked us to create a version for Native Americans being encouraged to pursue a health care career.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity asked us to create the Advance the Dream version for them to launch on their campuses this fall
  • The country of Nepal asked us to help them create a chapter at their medical college in Katmandu.


We have more demonstration project testimonials and modules and content than we are able to communicate effectively and convert into significant revenue.  We need help with messaging, pricing, and potentially market focus.  We tend to want to support those communities and people that can least afford any services.

Top 3 Competitors:

  • CDC
  • PSU World Campus
  • 4H

and would be a great JV partner or affiliate.

Compare with Competitors:

  • Government web sites such as CDC and NIH are free and excellent but overwhelming for the low health literacy user. Reusing their materials in a more effective and journey or pathway in a challenge has proven effective for us.
  • Commercial Web sites: and WebMD are great for patients and consumers but lack engagement for students
  • Universities teaching health, education, and social work  professions online such as PSU World Campus are too expensive, and too high a level to engage our target teenager as they learn how to make healthier decisions and consider how to pick a career or help a neighbor with their knowledge.
  • 4H, scouts, YMCA and other youth organizations have very prescribed curricula that is too basic and lacks the real world mentoring as they step up and solve real world problems.   These organizations and schools could be partners using FFH materials and tools and challenges as supplementation to their own programs

Describe the Team:

Co-founded and co-owned  by Lucy Howell and Robert Gillio.

Ms. Howell in in Tucson AZ and serves as CEO.  She has a background in national business development, event planning, and use of multimedia platforms for social engagement.  She is a longtime advocate and activist for STEM education, civics engagement, and community service project-based learning. She has owned a publishing company and brings a blended online, augmented reality, and high-volume print solutions to the team.  She is also a founder of charities addressing girls science and health issues, mentoring, and blood disorders.

Dr. Gillio is a physician that has had a multifaceted career, beginning at the Mayo Clinic with training in pulmonary and critical care medicine and has practiced clinically running ICU’s and also leading population health initiatives.  He is a serial entrepreneur with 15 patents, 3 start-ups he sold to Fortune 500 companies, and 3 others that taught him a great deal but did not generate any wealth.  He has been focused on community issues since setting helping set up the Ground Zero Clinic in NY after 911, the World Trade Center Registry, White House meetings on community preparedness,  clinics after Hurricane Katrina, school nurse software for PA’s schools, and most recently, the Force for Health. He recently bought a house in State College PA.

The rest of the team is a virtual “Executive and Academic Advisory” team for advice, mentoring, technology and content creation.  This team is also devoted to empowering the teenager to be a valuable change agent in families and communities advancing health, education, economic and career opportunities.

A part of our secret sauce is engaging undergraduate, graduate, and career active unpaid interns to be part of the team and create content or modules that become part of their credentials but our intellectual property.

Internal vs External Capabilities:

  • Medical and research skills, creativity and connectivity in program creation and partnership, platform building, and graphics skills are core asset internal capabilities. 
  • External partners provide higher level graphics, tech integration and coding assistance.

Is there Intellectual Property:

Yes.  There are some registered trademarks, and some original source code. 

There are hundreds of copyright protected content pieces, tutorials, challenges, lessons, or courses.

Types of Jobs created:

Content especially with animation and videography to work with our network of subject matter experts.

We also seek to employ full time technology, marketing and social media assistance. In the cities where we launch, community organizer and train the trainer jobs will be created.

Any Funding to date?

Each founder contributed $25,000 and 3 years of uncompensated time.

Explain Current Status:

Operating in stealth mode for 3 years with demonstration and testing sites around the country and world.  Now ready to launch and start a revenue phase beyond the occasional opportunistic custom work we tool on.

Additional Comments:

Rented space at the PSU Tech Incubator and seek immediately to engage in person or via zoom with skilled or want to be skilled students for internships.