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Force for Health® Collaboratives for Regional Communities

REGIONAL COLLABORATIVES – How can regions collaborate better?

It can begin as one organization getting started, and inviting others to join.  The Collaborative can then chose from a series of training events and videos, and see which tools it may need for the best use of the resources for its community.   A special focus on improving the social determinants of health is very important in addition to health education and nutrition, exercise, or other programs. In the rural setting, a county wide collaborative is proving to be an efficient way to start the movement.  In larger cities, a neighborhood or city based group is another way.  For pennies per person, all the basic tools can be put into place for the community.

There are 4 major components on buidling a truly collaborative community.

Connect & Communicate

Enrich & Empower

Engage & Challenge

Achieve & Impact

If you are interested in starting a Force for Health® Collaborative in your regional community, please fill out this form and we will be in touch!

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