The Force for Health Academy

As a member, utilize the Force for Health Academy, l to learn about basic health and wellness principles. Contained within the Academy:

  • Force for Health Basics course collection including courses about what the Force for Health is and how to effectively use the resources on the website
  • Force for Health Academy course collection including basic Tobacco, Nutrition, and Fitness courses
  • Ask VIVA course collection including courses about basic health conditions and how they affect the human body
  • checkCommunity Health Worker training courses
  • ….and more coming soon!

VIVA Video Collection

Gain access to narrated, 3D animation videos that features anatomy and physiology concepts in simple terms to that describe how the body is affected by different health conditions.

Member Basic Health Assessment

Take our basic health assessment and assess your current habits! After you take the assessment, review the questions and your answers for goal suggestions based on what you answered.


The Force for Health Teams

Join a Force for Health Team and learn how to execute an IDEAS project in order to effectively assess and address the needs of your community in a tangible way.

IDEAS project

Make a difference in your community with an IDEAS project:

               I: Identify a population health need in your community

               D: Design and develop a solution to address the need identified

               E: Engage with the community and execute your solution

               A: Assess and analyze the success of the project

               S: Scale and share your project with others


Be a Role Model

Try to make the healthiest decisions possible for yourself, and in doing so, you will inspire others to do the same! Encourage others when they make healthy decisions and share what you’ve learned with them.

Share on Social Media

Share your Force for Health goals, blog posts,  key facts from your courses, and more on your social media to keep your friends informed!

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