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The Force for Health® Academy provides FREE access to the VIVA Video Library with access to over 80 video challenges to sharpen your VIVA BASICS to become a healthier you!

VIVA initially was created to train aboriginal Australians with low reading and health literacy, to understand conditions that may be affecting them or their families.  The name is an acronym that means Virtual Interactive Video Anatomy. 

It is also named for Viva Gillio, who a a 95 year old health ambassador for her family members and senior citizen  neighbors, who also happens to be the beloved mom of the Force for Health founder, Dr. Robert Gillio. Each VIVA video is less than 4 minutes each and packed full of great health content that will help you better understand how the body works. 

This is part of the Force for Health® BASICS Challenge, where you can earn points, badges and discounts upon completing each video, so what are you waiting for? Let’s take the VIVA Challenge!