My Citizenship Health Factors

Some of the factors that have been challenging for me have been...

Not having the motivation to stay focused, I tend to get distracted with other things such as school.

It's important for me to be part of my community's health because...

Challenging factors for myself have been managing my time well or appropriately.

Some of the strength of my community health factors are:

There are plenty of opportunities to go for a hike just about anywhere in town. Many people out here already have a healthy lifestyle and it spreads well throughout the community.

Some of the challenges in my community regarding certain health factors are:

One of the challenges in my community is knowing what each health or fitness place offers. There are plenty of them around town but it can be overwhelming at times for a first time guest.

I believe I can help improve my community's health by...

I feel that I can help my community by getting the local knowledge out more to each person in the community.

Advancing the DREAM

Advancing the DREAM - What it means to me

Advancing the DREAM to me means working together with other people to meet a goal. It makes me feel motivated to reach the dream and empowered to advance it. I think that it is important to get healthcare as equal as possible for all.

My Action Pledge to Advance the DREAM?

I would like to focus on advancing the dream here in my community by bringing the Force for Health. I would like to see more community members connect virtually by sharing how they are being healthy. It will create a space that allows them to be helpful to one another and be able to share information and tips to each other.

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Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I am a Force for Health member because I want to bring my community together in a healthy way. I enjoy seeing other people make healthy choices and be excited about it.

My inspiration

The people that inspire me the most is my family. They have been there to support me through everything that I do. They always have my back and it will continue to be that way. My best friends are also there every time I need to be reassured or pushed.

What would you like people to know about your community?

The community that I’m in can be very adventurous with many outdoor activities to do. The town is very small and strives on being a vacation spot during each season. Each school year also brings plenty of students that fill the town.