Advancing the DREAM

Advancing the DREAM - What it means to me

Educating myself on how to create the safest most inclusive place. While I cannot always relate to what they are going through and have experienced, I can always continuously educate myself and work towards being as inclusive as I can be.

My Action Pledge to Advance the DREAM?

I want to work on creating plans to create more access and knowledge for those who need it. Be that sharing recourses, creating campaigns, and more, I want to do it.

General Information



Last Name




What role(s) do you play?

Collegiate Student



Northern Arizona University

Bio and Background

I am a current Northern Arizona University student Studying fitness wellness with the hopes to become a sports psychologist and teach others how mental health and physical health go hand in hand!

Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I want to help support a community who aspires to gain more knowledge on how to take care of themselves and others while making life changes more fun for others!

How I use the Force for Health Network Tools

To educate myself more about the body and how to better take care of it! As well as different activities in my area!

My inspiration

I think everyone is a little inspiring for constantly getting up and trying each and everyday!


Northern Arizona University

What would you like people to know about your community?

Us students and interns are extremely excited to get involved!

My Citizenship Health Factors

Some of the factors that have been challenging for me have been...

I think access has been a huge contributor!

It's important for me to be part of my community's health because...

Health impacts every area of your life and your relationship’s! Its important we are all at our best to make sure we are all at our best

Some of the strength of my community health factors are:

We are small but friendly! Everyone wants to see you succeed

Some of the challenges in my community regarding certain health factors are:

We have smaller access to some aspects of health

I believe I can help improve my community's health by...

Working with this amazing team to create more opportunities for the community