Lainey’s Demonstration Page for Dec 12, 2019

Lainey’s demonstration Page for December 12, 2019 Meeting

MY COPD  Learn it, Live it and Share it  iPAD Place

Getting ready for the next step in your care.   Let’s start with understanding your condition.  Here is a model of the lungs and breathing.  You be the surgeon and click on the tools and explore and see how your healthy body is built and works. 

NEXT STEPS…with us at your side.This is Lainey, Your Case Manager.  Let me be sure you heard about all the options and opportunities before you leave and have access to them once you are home.  We care about you everyday, not just while you are our guest at Penn Highland Huntingdon. Let’s review what we are planning with you. 

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Did we help you in this transition?   Tell it like it is.  

We want you to help us help our patients thrive….not just survive.

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