Juniata College Force for Health Project

Project Leads: Madison Hearn Meredith Shephard

Weekly Agendas, Recaps and Follow-up Assignments

Week 1 – February 8, 2019 – Phase 1 – Intros –  Overview, Background, Systems and People – COMPLETE

Intros, Overviews and Systems – Notes and Recap

Overview & Systems

  • My Healthy Globe, Inc . – Formed in 2017, Delaware based C Corp owned by Lucy Howell and Dr. Rob Gillio
    • Just a placeholder site…main functioning sites and platforms are listed below
    • This internship is a Possible pilot program for Pima, so feedback and critical eye will be important
  • My Healthy Huntingdon in Huntingdon County, PA
    • a rural community with broadband and wi-fi issues that impact population health and access points 
    • Dr. Gillio is the Director of Clinical Innovation and a pulmonologist.  He has recenyl
    • this is the current project, supported by JC Blair Hospital, Juniata College and Rotary in Huntingdon, PA, with 15-20 interns who just kicked off their semester with this credit earning project, also
  • My Healthy Citizen (soon to be changing to new url) – this is the program underway in OH, based out of University Hospital, mainly funded by an AmeriCorps grant to support 30 AmeriCorps leaders to lead school TEAMS through IDEAS projects in 100+ schools throughout the state
  • Force for Health Academy   – This is the site where Force for Health interns will have access to the on-line academy and digital media making resources . We onboarded Catherine together and walked through the initial steps
  • Bio Digital – We introduced this as a cool tool that we can use to help build out some courses and challenges.  You will be given access through the Academy…more on this later.  I like that neither of you have had any type of access to this type of resource yet from your classes to date.
  • Virtuagym  – We introduced this and did a VERY High level tour through the platform.  Signed Melissa and Catherine up as Staff and they will review and explore this app, after activating from the welcome e-mail
  • Team Up! Greater Tucson   – We introduced this as the community connecting platform that we can use to aggregate, produce and push health related content to the community
  • My Cardio Girl – This is a program ready to beta-launch and looking for leadership and development.  
    • This will be one main focus project this semester, where you will learn how to build challenges and courses that will help girls and women better understand the important facts about blood, heart and health.  
    • This site is NOT Live yet, but intend to go live March 1, 2019.  Site password in MCG
  • Meet Up  Platform – We reviewed the Meet Up site for My Healthy Huntingdon, which has not officially been used yet, but the interns will be using it this semester.  Will need to determine if we activate one for TEAM Up! Greater Tucson

Follow-up and Focus Items for the Week

1.  Join at  www.TheForceforHealth.com

  • Go through initial onboarding and get a better sense of the site and tools by exploring the pages and content
  • Complete 3 badges and The Force for Health Initial Courses on the Academy drop down menu
  • Provide critical feedback on site and user experience

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4.  Think about your Desired Role  

  • Be prepared to have an opinion on which of the areas you may want to lean in towards
  • We will tighten up your project scopes next Friday

Remove PictureHave you had a chance to formulate some thoughts about a specific area of focus for the next 13 weeks? What are you looking forward to doing and learning?What do you NOT want to do, if anything?What are the top 3 things you would like to learn or takeaway from this internship?Submit

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Week 2 – Feb 12, 2019 – Phase 1 – Identifying an Issue to Focus On – Role Assignments, Goals, Resources, Tools and Timelines

  • Hi everyone! In this forum, please share the following:

    – What you have accomplished in the past week– What you are currently working on– Plans for the rest of the week– Any questions or concerns you have

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    In the past week, I have created a blog post that well be posted on the portal in my Halthy Huntingdon,I am awaiting final approval from my supervisor Ruhama. I also made minor edits to the directory.

    I suggested the idea of doing testimonials and that is something we are currently working on.

    In the coming week, I plan to finalize and publish my blog post, make additional edits to the directory, update the calendar, record testimonials, start editing our video project.

    -In the coming future we will publish the video project and start brainstorming advertising campaigns.

    Concerns:I am excited to engage in the community and really bring their stories forward and bridge the gap. I am concerned about transportation and our groups ability to collaborate with the “Teams” group and be somewhat on the same page. My goal is to be able to engage in the community and hear the perspectives of the younger generations in the community so we can really cater our postings/ materials and advertising campaigns to their concerns. So I hope we will also be able to join in on some of their site visits to locations in the community and the schools.Thank you

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    Ruhama Gari



    – Zoom call with Lucy for 2 hours on how to use chamber nation (directory, calendar, user report)– Canva edited and changed the banner for chamber nation directory, Facebook page, and Twitter– Videos on a tutorial for how to use chamber nation– Drafted testimonial question

    next week•get a face on the main page with a testimonial (Chris, someone else from the hospital)•ask Lucy about the MHH shop, work with PATCH to create a page•add a new page called “health news” where everything else that feeds off shows here. and the blog page can be FFH blogs•go to WordPress login and get a featured page•get rid of social media features•decide if you want to do a new tutorial for chamber nation with Zakira

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    I have started gathering material for the exercise and fitness course. I am currently finalizing the material so that this week I can begin building the course with LearnDash.

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    – What you have accomplished in the past week This past week I have accomplished setting goals for the 5 courses I’ve been assigned. – What you are currently working on I am currently gathering and reviewing information for the first course- Depression. – Plans for the rest of the week I would like to be halfway done with the Depression course by Saturday. – Any questions or concerns you have I do not have any questions or concerns at the moment thank you! ?

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    – What you have accomplished in the past week This past week I have accomplished setting goals for the 5 courses I’ve been assigned. – What you are currently working on I am currently gathering and reviewing information for the first course- Depression. – Plans for the rest of the week I would like to be halfway done with the Depression course by Saturday. – Any questions or concerns you have I do not have any questions or concerns at the moment thank you! ?

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    In the past week, I have been working with my team to create pages for IDEAS on the website. I am currently working on finishing the pages. I am also looking for proper resources and images to post on the pages. In the next week, I plan on having the IDEAS pages finished so they can be reviewed.

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    What you have accomplished in the past week:– Talking with Rebekah about the most important things we want to add, we came up with five important topics to write about

    What you are currently working on– Our first topic, research and gathering info

    Plans for the rest of the week– coming together with Rebekah and sharing our research, putting it together in a course

    Any questions or concerns you have– nope not yet

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    In the past week:

    I have outlined the better part of 3 of the courses I will be building in the near future, and am continuing to work to finish up gathering the material so that I can format it into an online course. Hopefully I can have one of these courses fully developed in the next week or so.

    My concerns moving forward is actually building the courses on the website. I have dabbled in it a little, and I am still pretty clueless about how to work it all. Hopefully it gets easier with practice.

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    I have been working with the rest of the IDEAS team to finish the lessons on the website this way we can start the push to help the high school students start their projects.

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    Meredith Shephard



    – Updated Health Basic course quizzes to help course navigation– Contacted Rachel/CHW team to coordinate Anatomy courses to be built– Attended HCPN meeting and made contact with Pitt Peru rep regarding our current opioid courses.– Met with Madison about Academy design/building user point page

    Currently working/goals for next week:– Build a screen capture course on how to build courses for new interns– Work with gamipress to develop page for FFH users to view points earned– Help Anatomy course builders– Update/Review current opioid courses to send to Pitt Peru team– Make Academy look more consistent/user friendly (ongoing)

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    – What you have accomplished in the past weekHelped the INTERACT club (Huntingdon Student Rotary Club) come up with a plan to combat high school juuling.– What you are currently working onDoing some research on writing the petition to the school board with the help of INTERACT advisors.– Plans for the rest of the weekWith the TEAMS, I will work on the IDEAS project.– Any questions or concerns you haveN/A

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    Over the past week, I have outlined the two anatomy topics that I have been assigned, and I have begun more in-depth research on the topics.I also subscribed to the Daily News and have begun following the local events.

    I am working on better learning the computer system and doing more research into the nervous and endocrine systems. I hope to finish these tasks over the next week.

    I have no major concerns and I am looking forward to checking in with Dr. Gillio to ensure that I am on the right track.

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    Things accomplished this week:-compiled all resources/research-created an outline of the CHW#3:SDOH course-started working on scripts for Powtoon videos-finished organizing information for Lesson 1 of 4-Almost done organizing/condensing info for Lesson 2 of 4

    Currently working on:-completing info organization/condensing info for the rest of the lessons-working on scripts for Powtoon videos

    Plans for the rest of the week:– Continue making progress on outline of course and scripts– work on case studies– get outline ready for review before work on website/videos begins

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    Mai Vu



    In the past few weeks, my team and I are working on designing the IDEAS course. We are working on adding the quiz to the course. Last Friday, we had a meeting to check with Kaeana to check with her what is going on. I would plan on making the IDEAS pages look better so we can officially make it in use

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    Rachel Kim



    – What you have accomplished in the past weekOrganized course-building-tasks for Evan, Mai, and NathanTable of contents laid out for the CHW program

    – What you are currently working onFinishing up the table of contentsPlanning CPR training course

    – Plans for the rest of the weekStart anatomy/physiology course for integumentary systemWork on CPR course

    – Any questions or concerns you haveMeeting the end-of-month deadline for all the anatomy/physiology courses..but we will eventually get them roughly done!

  • Follow-up and Focus Items for the Week

    1.  Add a test client to Virtuagym

    • Make sure you name your test client a name that is obviously a test client
    • Complete their profile (make up their goals, their history, etc.)
    • Watch the Training Videos for help

    Remove PicturePlease provide some general and/or specific feedback on your user experience from this assignmentWhat did you like the most?What did you like the least?Do you have any suggestions for feedback yet?Submit

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    2.  Add 3-5 community events to the TEAM Up! Greater Tucson calendar

    • Only events after March 1, 2019 – June 30, 291
    • Health and movement related
    • Make sure you add images and links back to source

    Remove PicturePlease provide some general and/or specific feedback on your user experience from this assignmentSubmit

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    4.  Join me and help at any upcoming event

    • Feb 27, 2019 at Crown Concepts with Dr. John Boright, Executive Director, International Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine
    • March 3, 2019 – My Girl Power and Rotary of Tucson at the last UA Women’s Basketball game to help kick off Women’s History Month

    Remove PictureCan you make either or both events?Submit

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    Week 3 – Feb 26, 2019 – Phase 2 – Develop & Design a Plan – Targets, Outreach, Community Engagement, Campaign Design

    Reminders:– Continue to keep task trackers up to date as they will be reviewed each week.– F&F course should be completed by spring break.

    ACADEMY– Oliviao worked on exercise & fitness course and was in contact with SMEo plans to finish course this week/weekendo plans to work on Health professions course after and wants to have the outline for CHW done by weekend/early next week.o Working on making Health professions course outline consistent.

    -Lauren:o Was in contact with Matt Baer about getting in to meet with students to see what they are doing– Worked with Jaewoo and the Rotary club interact to brainstorm fundraiser ideas and build informative packets for Juulnig.o Needs to talk with Lucy/Dr. Gillio about other fundraiser ideaso Continue to think about building patient education courses. Will be included in the March 5th meeting to talk with hospital staff about courses and materials needed.

    -Nathano Met with F&F course builders on Saturday. Worked on some course material but lost a lot of content on Sunday :/ Currently working to catch up on courses.o Took head shots on interns on Career Day. Madison uploaded all images to google form album – everyone who took one has accesso Willing to take more intern head shots or other pictures.– Once F&F courses completed, will start tobacco course for academy

    Rebekah and Yasmin– completed pre/post quizzes for Depression course– Need to complete research for depression course– uploaded signs & symptoms lesson for depression course into LearnDash– Need a SME to look at depression course– Plans to have all topics for first course done by the first week of March– Needs to meet with Dr. Gillio at 2pm Friday to call SME and pick up materials.


    -Evano Completed Nervous System lesson for F&F course. Needs to be reviewedo Currently working on endocrine system lesson. Plans to have finished by Thursday.

    -Rachelo Reviewing F&F lessons as they are completed. polishing to be presentableo Polishing the lessons so they are presentable. Reviewing grammar, font sizes/type, editing images, making each one more consistent with each other.o Assigning more F&F lessons to course builders. 5 still need to be started. Need to finish F&F course by spring break.


    -Kaeanao Was in contact with Christie Steidle about getting students with her and set up times with students in the schools.o Mentors working with Christie will mostly be working in Juniata Valley and Southern because she only works in the middle school at Mount Union.o Thinking about transportation for students to conference on May 16th. School Bus? Charter bus?– Had all TEAMS interns update task list for the past week.

    -Mai:o Working on getting in contact with Juniata Valley. They haven’t responded yet. Will keep pushing to get in to meet with students.o Helping to design F&F lessons. Met on Sat. with team.o Completed circulatory course and needs to be reviewed by Rachel.o Currently working on reproductive system. Plans to have it done by Thursday.– After F&F lessons are completed, will continue to work on IDEAS course to TEAMS in the schools.

    -Jaewoo:o Finished making survey for schools. It was looked over by principal and approved. Next step is to send out to parents to get approval from them.o Worked with Lauren to make brochure for Rotary Club on Juulso Working on a draft petition to show Huntingdon Board meetingo Working on brainstorming activity ideas for May 16th conference. Emailed high school guidance counselor about ideas.– Will look into getting van for Ohio scholars Day

    -Marylauren:– Got into Huntingdon high school and introduced IDEAs project to students! Met with each group individually to get a sense of topics and guide them through the research process.– Set up another meeting for March 19th– Currently working on developing IDEAS course.– Remember to take notes about what works in schools/how different methods of mentoring help students. This will help guide future interactions.– Needs to talk with Toni about students attending conference

    Kali:– Same as above w/ Marylauren in Huntingdon HS.– Booked room for Myay 16th. We will have Neff, Pheasant Lounge, Lobby in VLB.o Was in contact with Parkhurst about food and has catering Menu. Food can be served in Ellis Ballroom.– Needs to solidify numbers for conference so we can order food/use the appropriate space.– Contract for the event is currently being worked on

    Other Notes:– Remember to keep in mind what you want to accomplish this semester. There is a big learning curve to course building, but keep working at it and it will come. We want to make sure we build more than one course this semester.– Send any links or completed courses to Dr. Gillio and Meredith so they can be reviewed.– Ohio Scholars Day is April 28th. Think about if you would be interested in attending/presenting at this event. Will be working on getting a budget for travel and lodging.– Absent from meeting: Ruhama, Zakira, Amily

    From Ruhama – 

    -finished watching videos on chamber nation and I am comfortable with it-reached out to Adam about workshop waiting to hear back from him-getting ready to meet with Tracy to build a page-finished editing series 1 of testimonial and is posted on fb-adding to calendarnext week-finish editing and post series 2 and 3 of testimonials-get a quick video of Chris or Dr. Gillio-blog-post courses on social media platforms

    Week 4 – March 1, 2019 – Phase 3 – Execute Plan and Engage Community – Activation, Experience and Data Capture

    Week 5 – March 8, 2019 – Phase 3 – Execute Plan and Engage Community – Updates, Feedback, Traction & Support 

    Week 6 – March 15, 2019 – Phase 3 – Execute Plan and Engage Community – Updates, Feedback, Traction & Support 

    Week 7 – March 22, 2019 – Phase 3 – Execute Plan and Engage Community – Updates, Feedback, Traction & Support 

    Week 8 – March 29, 2019 – Phase 3 – Execute Plan and Engage Community –  Updates, Feedback, Traction & Support 

    Week 9 – April 5, 2019 – Phase 4 – Assess and Analyze – Data aggregation, reviews, SWOT Analysis

    Week 10 – April 19, 2019 –  Phase 4 – 

    Week 11 – April 26, 2019 –  Phase 4 – Assess and Analyze  – 

    Week 12 – May 3, 2019 –  Phase 4 – Assess and Analyze  –  Peer review, multi-media based presentation prep 

    Week 13 – May 10, 2019 –  Phase 5 – Share and Scale – Presentations, Feedback, Wrap-Up & Program Assessments 

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