Intern Resources

Systems, Training and Access Points
This is where you will find a list of systems, platforms and their access points that we will be using to accomplish our tasks together, per team.

My Healthy Huntingdon Video Training and Recording Channel -…

My Healthy Huntingdon Virtual Meeting Room
Madison, Rob and Lucy listed as current presenters
Username –
password – haleykobe2
Chamber Nation
Log in link

Main Sites:
If Coming Soon page is up, password is mhhc (short for My Healthy Huntingdon County)

Main Sites:
If Coming Soon page is up, password is FFHA (short for Force For Health Academy)

Admin, Editor, Contributor Website Access:
*Each user has their user name and password for their own access.
Please contact Lucy Howell at

Virtual Meeting Room – Basecamp

Easy Generator –
This is where the current courses sit, which need to be copied over to ThriveApprectice
username –
password – Waterford2!


Force for Health Academy Development – Access and Tools:

Design & Graphics – Important Links and Information:

1. Bigstock Photo –
PW: haleykobe2
Account limit for new downloads. Once downloaded, they stay in the light box and other folders, so they can be used again and again and not counted in our limits.

Can download 5 videos/day + 7 images/day

· If there are still images/videos left for download at 7:00 pm EST, feel free to use remaining balance. Remember, there is a 24 hour period between downloads

· Try to stay within the saved files…feel free to save/star as many files as you wish…

2. Poster Galleries –

UN: learnit PW: 123456

3. Viva Galleries –

UN: learnit PW: 123456

4. Easy Generator –
UN: PW: Waterford2

5. Nuvolo Academy –

UN: PW: 123health

6. Screencast-O-Matic – Screen recording tool – – Log in as PW is Waterford2

7. Body Parts – UN: PW: Waterford2

8. Videos – UN: PW:2badUdontNO!

9. Powtoons – PW: haleykobe2

10. LearnDash –

UN: and PW: haleykobe2

11. Badge Maker site –

12. Thrive Member Log-in – ttps://




14. Hootsuite – – use to schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, erc.

username – support@myhealthyhuntingdon

Password -MHHCTeam!

15. Zoom –

16. Twitter – username – MyHuntingdon passcode – haleykobe2

17. GeoDIrectory –

username – lucy@myhealthy

Passcode – haleykobe2

18. ClickMeeting – Virtual Meeting Room

username –

passcode – haleykobe2

19. Rafflecopter –

username –

password – haleykobe2