Our purpose is to advance health equity by increasing the cultural humility and implicit bias awareness of healthcare providers via an immersive learning experience.

Through evidence-based training, we aim to tell the stories of patients who have experienced inequity through their eyes. In doing so, will explore how bias and racism can adversely contribute to health care disparities and lead to infant mortality. We hope to provide participants with valuable insights that they can carry out in their day-to-day work as healthcare professionals.

We thank you for your authenticity and willingness to participate in this original learning journey.


We invite you to listen to the welcome message below, and hear more about the critical learning  journey you are about to begin. Thank you!

Video Transcript

There’s a famous quote from to kill a Mockingbird. 
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his or her point of view until you climb into his or her skin and walk around in it.”

Hello, I am Dr. Margaret Larkins Pettigrew.

I’m a practicing obstetrician gynecologist, as well as the Executive Director of the Office of Community Impact, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion here at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. I would like you to join me in exploring racial biases by following Atticus Finch, his suggestion to his daughter, Scout by understanding the impact of bias through your patient’s eyes. 

What we’re asking is for you to take an honest look at yourself, a truthful assessment of the way you interact with your patients. 

This is a safe place, a place where you will have the opportunity to explore your own biases and begin to make a change that can have a significant impact on the most important benefit health professionals can offer to another human being, care with compassion. 

The truth is we all have biases, but do we understand how our biases influence the care we provide our patients What we do know is the greater the bias, the lower the quality of care we give to our patients. 

In this journey, you are going to explore health, in particular, health aligned with a delivery of a new life as experienced through the eyes of mothers, fathers, and their families, as well as all who participate in providing that particular healthcare recognition is the first step, and we hope that this journey will be thought provoking and eye opening. 

As you react on how you can begin to affect change in all you come in contact with, we believe this can only assist in providing the best care possible for your patients. 

Your answers are de-identified. These will not be shared with your employer, so please join us on this journey for yourselves as well as for the families you care for.

Journey Requirements

The training content you will interact with includes videos, virtual and augmented explorations, and interactive moments to self-reflect and discover valuable new tools. Below is a quick list of the main requirements for the Journeys. Each Journey has a similar but more specific check-list of requirements. This list is a guide to ensure you engage with and complete the required tasks. We hope you will find your best self and the courage to honestly reflect, absorb, and build a distinctive tool kit for your utilization.

1. View Journey Introduction

2. Review Journey Objectives

3. Complete Featured Learning Activities

4. Complete Journey Feedback