COVID Crossword Challenge - Potential Treatments

1. In most people, as goes by, they will get batter on their own like with a mild cold.
2. If you feel tired and especially if you have a fever and sweat, you may also not be drinking enough and get …
3. For a high fever, you can take acetaminophen or ……
4. New treatments that are based on someone else's immune response to the virus gives you
5. A new drug that is promising and is being tested widely is called
6. What is it called if you get a shot that helps your own body prevent infection?
7. If someone's breathing gets really bad and they need help, the machine that is used to pump air through a tube is called a …..
8. if you are breathing but your lungs are not as efficient due to the infection filing up the air sacks, or causing inflamation, what is given with a tube to your nose or mouth?