A Republic, if you will keep it…

Charles Heberle created “You the People”, an educational series aimed at teaching American citizens how to be more responsible and effective citizen-rulers of the most ambitious political experiment in history, the United States of America. In fact, this curriculum is being used in thousands of high schools nationwide as one of the first “citizen” training courses for the junior ROTC, representing our country’s future military defenders.

He founded You the PEOPLE and The Citizenship Project to help Americans realize and understand their experimental political heritage and how to play their role in it. It has now grown into a nationally recognized curriculum for schools, and an adult program that can be used in any city or town or community in any republic world-wide. It helps the common people improve their knowledge and ability to work civilly with their neighbours. It helps people build their confidence in themselves.

Then it helps bring them and their governments together in a collaborative effort that can dramatically improve any community, city, state, or nation anywhere .

This process is a quantum leap forward in the concept of republican democracy. It presupposes a collaborative, rather than an adversarial, approach to government. The idea here is to truly involve citizens in the governmental process. Metaphysically, a democratic republic is based on its citizens and, therefore, can only be as good as its citizens. This program trains people to be better people who, naturally, will be better citizens.

It uses the standard psychological group model as its medium, using it with specific ground rules and self evaluated citizenship skill improvement that make it a support group to develop and maintain effective republican citizenship.

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