LEARN It! Challenge 1 of 3
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Let’s Start our WeightTracker Chart

Step 1: Let’s set your goals and profile settings first.

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Step 2: Now, let’s set your target weight.

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Step 3: Let’s Make your Progress Chart.

Step 3a: First, pick a date from last month, and complete this form. It’s ok not to answer all the questions, but your weight is the most important to complete. If you don’t remember, then just use your current weight.

Step 3b: After you complete that, then complete this form again, using today’s date. This time, go ahead and answer all the questions. You can even upload a “starting” photo for your own, private gallery to be used for progress or motivation photos, but it’s not necessary every time, at all.

The system is designed to track your progress here, though, so the more you engage with this tracker tool, the more real your progress charts will be.

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Step 4: Let’s review your Weight Tracker Charts & Overview

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For reference, you will be able to access your WeightTracker Here

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