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Who can be a Force for Health?

A Person

A person can be a Force for Health for themselves and then can help others.  They can join online individually, or as part of a club where they study, work, pray or play.  They get involved online, in apps and games, and win badges and points for themselves and their organizations. 

An Organization

Any organization can be a Force for Health. We are not trying to replace or compete with other great organizations or programs.  An organization, company, or foundation can partner to host member clubs, add content, or fund incentives or support. 

We have worked with schools, 4H, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, community centers, park districts, churches, temples, and mosques, companies, and senior centers.  

Entire Community

Some communities have had the entire town join together with all organizations addressing a problem, such as childhood obesity or opiate abuse. The Force for Health Chamber of Health Portals, Academy, and Apps, helps make this work well.