LEARN It! Challenge 1 of 5
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Our Approach

We believe that we must all take responsibility for our owns decisions and try to make the healthiest decision possible.  

When this happens, this should lead to a healthier and purposeful life.    

Its hard to make informed decisions about the complex topics involved in health.  

We break  down complex topics to an easier approach focused on these five pillars:


​​​​​Step 1 – Le​arn it!

Work to understand your challenges and risks, and seek the knowledge you need to make a great decision. 

On the your Member home page, you will have access to a series of assessments, apps, posters, links, tutors, and other courses for your learning.   Don’t be overwhelmed.  Try to learn on core concept with each activity, and in time, you will master complex topics.  Start with yourself and learn what your challenges and supportive factors are. 

As you learn more, there will be the opportunity to become expert at areas and achieve levels of health literacy, that can allow you to stay healthy, participate  in your own care, or become an Force for Health Ambassador and teach others.

Step 2 – Live it!

Take what you have learned,  and apply it to your life.  One healthy decision at a time.  Do the best you can to stay healthy and be fit, eat well, have fun, and enjoy life. 

On the home page, you will learn about and have access to tools to take assessments, create goals, make a wellness plan and track your progress towards achieving them.

Step 3 – Share it!

Share what you have learned with others.

Start by being a role model.  

Then use your skills and the media tools, music, social sharing, events, to be an advocate to inform and encourage others.  

Use your actions to help fix the things in your community that make it harder to make healthy decisions.

As you advance, you can create a TEAM and participate in the IDEAS Challenges to address things you see in your community where you can make a difference. 

On the home page, you will see some opportunities and tools. 

​Step 4 – Earn it!

The positive feelings one gets with helping themselves and others is a great reward.  Additional rewards with points, badges, coupons, and other incentives will be available to you as a member. 

On your home page, you will see your points, and rewards and learn how to earn more.

Step 5 – SERVE it!

You don’t always have to be the leader, but rather, one can find a cause that you believe in and serve to support that effort.  

There are tools the Force provides that let you use your learning, living, and sharing to help raise awareness for and money for causes.  These  are on you home page.

Remember, the Force for Health does not compete with other programs.  It is intended to help advance or promote other programs or organizations that are trying to make a difference. Use your knowledge, skills, and resources to help create or advance health promotional efforts.