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Membership Levels

coachlucy July 24, 2018

Force for Health Member

  • Members can join and be exposed to a series of opportunities and can enjoy these as a member.  They are to first work on assessing and then improving their own issues. In youngeR students it may be Kindness and Hand Washing badges for themselves.  At higher grades or for those with disease conditions, they may become expert at things such as tobacco abuse or asthma management.
  • As members do their Learn it, Live it, and Share it activities, they will earn points, badges and certificates for themselves and their organizations.  Some  of these can help you raise funds or win prizes. 

Force for Health Ambassador

  • The Ambassador learns at their grade or age level and works share what they have learned with others. Once they begin to share what they have learned with others at a quality level, they become an Ambassador on that topic.  These can be tweets, postings, PowerPoints, presentations, blogs or actions such as volunteering or cleaning up the neighborhood to reduce injury risk or rodent problems. Ambassadors are eligible to create a TEAM and complete and even compete with their IDEAS community participatory research and service projects. 

Force for Health Leader

  • Once someone has achieved Force for Health Ambassador status, they qualify to take a Leaders Training and become a Leader.  This training is a blended online and in person experience with a Force for Health Trainer. Leaders can learn how to supervise a TEAM, start a club, create major events, or convene a new community to be a Force for Health for its residents.