LEARN It! Challenge 8 of 9
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Serve your community with a campaign.

Consider sharing these lessons widely in this BASICS course. It costs nothing to join Force for Health. Please invite others to join and learn from this course.

Obtain the rights to use the posters and download and print a localized version. They are available in the store and can be customized for your towns needs or resources. Be sure your towns resources are in the Force for Health Directory for your region. Contact us and we can help you get this loaded. Then print and distribute widely in your community. It can be a great I.D.E.A.S. project for the Reality Health Games. Consider a school faculty lounge, counselor or nurses office, or even a parents refrigerator.

If we are all aware of issues, and we know that they can affect all of us to some degree, then there is less stigma to asking for help and less resistance to offering to help.

If you are a student or staff member, and you need help, ask someone you trust to help you. If they don’t or can’t ask someone else. Stress related issues can be overcome. Don’t be shy about trying to get help for others including your friends or parents.

Thank you for being a Force for Health.