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Carrying Someone Who is Heavier Than

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Usually, we want to avoid moving an injured individual. This is especially true when we suspect that damage has been done to the spine, neck, or head. In some cases, we are faced with no other option but to carry the individual. This can present a difficult conundrum if that individual is heavier than you. You need to be able to move them without injuring yourself in the process. Follow the steps below to see how this can be accomplished.

Different Ways to Pick Someone Up

The Backpack Carry

First, have the individual bend their knees slightly so that the bottom of their feet are flat against the ground.

Grab their hands and pull them up while twisting clockwise or counter-clockwise. Wrap their arms around your shoulders and clasp them in front of your chest.

This allows you to pull them with minimum strain on your body. It kind of represents how you would carry a backpack.

The Fireman’s Carry

Facing the injured individual, grasp them by the arm.

Bring their arm over your shoulder.

Crouch down so that their middle is on your shoulder.

Use your legs and hips to thrust up.

Tips for Lifting or Carrying Someone

You should not use your back to lift someone. This will result in an injury. Use proper lifting technique. Lift with your legs, not your back!

Have the injured individual hanging over your shoulder and move slowly as you transport them. If there are others around, have them assist you. Be gentle in transferring them to avoid further injury.

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