Health Basics

Exercise and Fitness

Health-related fitness is important because it strengthens both mental and physical health. A healthy mind helps a body recuperate from the stress of daily life, and a healthy body can live life fully with reduced risks for certain diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Basics of Cholesterol

Welcome! This brief course will outline the basics of a cholesterol test, why this test is performed, and what the results of a cholesterol test can tell you about your overall health.  

Basics of BMI

Welcome! Take this course to learn more about your body mass index (BMI) and how it may be used to assess your health-related risks.

Basics of Hemoglobin A1C

This course will provide an overview of the basics of an A1C test, why it is performed, and how to interpret the result of an A1C test.

Basics of Blood Pressure

This course will guide you through how blood pressure is measured and what your diastolic and systolic numbers mean. This course is worth You have earned Your total number of earned credits are

Basics of Diabetes

This course will give an overview of diabetes and basic diabetes facts as well as the different types of the disease.

Opioids 101

Welcome! This course will cover the basics of what opioids are and provide some common examples on the market that citizens should be aware of. In addition, we will explain how opioids affect the body and how these changes in the body can lead to addiction.    

Ask VIVA…about Healthy Teeth

Below are a series of four short video courses about oral health….mouth care does matter.   Dental issues are associated with very dangerous health conditions, including heart disease and cancer.   The goal here is to motivate people to not chew tobacco, brush and floss at least twice a day if possible.   Not watch the videos and learn …

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