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Unhealthy, uninformed and unengaged citizens are expensive and dangerous… to themselves and potentially to the communities in which they live.

Increasing obesity rates, decreased access to education and healthcare resources, apathetic citizens and easy access to dangerous drugs and weapons are leading to unsustainable trajectories and we must work together to impact this complex issue.

It is imperative that individual citizens, along with community leaders from the public health, private sector, education and healthcare space take action immediately.

Our Focus in on serving these four groups

Our Force for Health® Modular Community Toolkits include:

MyHealthy™ Counties CHNA Chamber Network

Connect & Communicate.

Contribute & Collaborate.

Celebrate Citizens.

The StudentHealthFORCE® 360•Academy

Enrich Education.

Ensure Equity.

Empower Every”BODY”

My Healthy Citizen™ TEAMS & LEAGUES

Activate Ambassadors.

Assess Activities.

Achieve Accolaides.

Be the Force.Health HRA & Virtual Gym

Trust the Tests.

Train Today.

Thrive Tomorrow.

HealtheThon “Fun” Raising Games & Apps

Incentivize & Invite.

Innovate & Inspire.

Increase Insights.

Our Force for Health® Media Network includes:

Force for Health® Daily Network

Force for Health® TV

Force for Health® Webinars

Force for Health® Podcasts

Force for Health® Social Channels

Force for Health™ Publications

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