Veterans invited to discuss the human impact of military service at The 2023 War Horse Symposium, April 6

On April 6, Veterans and their families are invited to join The War Horse News and The University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy for a day-long convening where members of the public can discuss the human impact of military service with legendary journalists, world-class scholars, and the senior government officials shaping the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

jon stewart

Jon Stewart will be the keynote speaker at The War Horse Symposium on April 6. Other speakers include VA Secretary Denis McDonough and Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks.

Inspired by The War Horse’s award-winning journalism and a Harris-authored white paper about how military “news deserts” threaten national security, The War Horse Symposium will explore the intersection of solutions journalism and public policy while promoting discourse and civic engagement about military and Veterans issues across the United States.

Register for free to attend virtually or in-person, here.

Symposium highlights:

  • Clearing The Air: The Honorable Denis McDonough, secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Kelly Kennedy, War Horse managing editor, will discuss her breaking the story about burn pits in 2008 and the future of VA health care.
  • The Importance of a Robust Fourth Estate: Legendary journalist Bob Woodward will discuss his Navy service and the importance of a robust Fourth Estate.
  • Military Reporting is a National Security Issue: This panel will explore how, without a broader public awareness of what Veterans and military families are experiencing, citizens and elected officials will be challenged to make informed decisions about national policies at home and abroad. Join a conversation about the importance of examining the United States military through a lens of human experience, the place where its impact on our nation is most deeply felt.
  • Afternoon Keynote: Medal of Honor recipient and retired Army Capt. Flo Groberg will discuss the human impact of military service and the importance of bridging the military and civilian divide.
  • The Untold Stories of Military Service: Whether it’s food insecurity or the impacts of deployments on service members and their families, reporting about the military community is declining alongside local newsrooms. This panel will explore research findings and a first-of-its-kind white paper by The Harris School during a conversation showcasing boots-on-the-ground perspectives.
  • The Human Impact of Military Service: Jon Stewart and The Honorable Kathleen Hicks, deputy secretary of Defense, will discuss the ongoing recruiting/retention crisis, the military and civilian divide, and issues impacting military families.

About The War Horse

The War Horse is a nonprofit newsroom with the mission of improving the public’s understanding of military and Veteran affairs. Since 2016, the newsroom has received top industry awards for excellence in investigative reporting and multimedia storytelling, and has led to multiple changes in military policy and federal law. In an era of disappearing independent newsrooms and an increasing prevalence of mis/disinformation, The War Horse has emerged as the most trusted source for military reporting. During a time when nearly 60% of Americans say they distrust news media, audience surveys in 2018 and 2021 show that The War Horse is a trusted source of news with 98% reader satisfaction. Learn more about The War Horse, here.

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