Trooper Michelle Archer and Keith Cote are my Force for Health Heroes this week

Dr. Robert GIllio (Dr.Rob), Force for Health Chief Medical Officer recognizes heroic service on MLK Day
Photo Credits: Photo Credits: WSVN News Miami. FL I found their coverage was best online coverage of this story.

Video Transcript:

It’s Martin Luther King Day….a day of service.  As I think about service, my mind jumped to this week’s event where two officers that swore to “Serve and Protect” did just that.  They had to act quickly. Two children fell through the ice.  One was rescued immediately. The other had been underwater a couple minutes with Archer and Cote arrived at the scene.  They were prepared, acted as a team, using their training, improvised on the spot, and Trooper Archer dove in and Trooper Cote revived and aided in the warming, transportation and subsequent full recovery.  

 Doctor King would be proud.  They got the call and did not stop and ask the “color of the skin or even the content of her character”. It didn’t matter, nor did the politics at the household, or the wealth of the parents.  They knew someone needed help and they gave it despite known risks and discomfort for them in that freezing cold and icy water.    We don’t need to have such a dramatic moment to be of service.  Today, start your day of service just with a simple kindness. Tonight, you will feel good about yourself and someone else will reflect upon that moment.  

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