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  • Our Mission

    Educational Communities Worldwide unlocks the potential for under-resourced students to become impactful global leaders through access to holistic educational opportunities, resources, and community development.

    Our Vision

    A world where every student is empowered to drive change in their community through our globally accessible programs in education and leadership skills.

    What we do

    For most rural and financially challenged children, education remains an inaccessible privilege. Even fortunate students who graduate with a secondary or tertiary degree, find that their schools and universities do not equip them with the latest skills demanded by the ever-changing market.

    EduCom provides financial and material aid to students and schools, and the means to learn the skills essential for employment.

    Check out our video from our first Annual Gala and on-Line Fundraising Auction!  Thank you, Force for Health, for co-hosting the event.

    Join our FIT STEAM TEAM in the worldwide Reality Health Games!  Our proceeds will fund access, education, materials and opportunities to students throughout Africa.

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