Pennsylvania Governor’s Administration Tackles Provider Credentialing Burden

In response to the high degree of frustration they are hearing from healthcare providers across the continuum, the Shapiro Administration is working with stakeholders to identify strategies to streamline the insurer credentialing process. PA Insurance Department (PID) Commissioner Michael Humphreys and PA Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Val Arkoosh hosted a first meeting of providers, insurers, CAQH, and other stakeholders on Tuesday to discuss the issue and possible approaches to mitigate it. PACHC and several health center credentialing specialists participated. As the work continues, we will keep you informed of progress and opportunity for comment. PACHC is also separately working with PAMCO, the association representing Physical HealthChoices plans, and plan representatives on mitigation of credentialing issues, and particularly the responsiveness and timeliness of their dental and vision subcontractors. Questions or feedback? Please contact Andrea Wandling, Manager Member Relations and Human Resources, PACHC.

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