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Northern Arizona University

Bio and Background

Northern Arizona is now where I call home and is also where Northern Arizona University- NAU is located.  NAU is the University I am so honored to be able to finish my bachelor’s degree, which is in Fitness and Wellness.  Initially my career trajectory was a bit different than it is now, but with no regrets I made the switch to where I am now.  The beauty of it all is NAU is located at 7,000 feet elevation having all four seasons and a huge outdoor recreational lifestyle.  This is what drew me in and encouraged the change my major.  This and that people who are mindful about their physical and mental wellbeing are typically just happier!

Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

My role is to aid, assist, and give ideas in the best way possible!  We all learn from hands-on experience within a field.  I learn best from not only hands on experience, but experience within a team environment because there is so much you can learn from others background.
I like to explain the force for health as a centralized location for all the fun fitness apps to be combined.  It’s my fitness pal, meets a personal trainer, to education materials, and back around to the app my sister uses as a walking competition and it is themed to run away from zombies!
My goal is to help nurture the already brilliant and inspiring app that can help everyone be their own Force for Health.

My inspiration

My inspiration comes from a lot of different places!  Mostly, I would say it comes from my family.  Each individual person brings so much to the table in ways of inspiration it is hard to pick just one trait.  If I had to narrow it down to a handful of reasons, it would be my mom for her eagerness to help anyone in need, my dad for his comedic relief in any situation, and my sister for her attentive ear.  These things help me daily to be a better person.  My mom no matter how tiered, how log of a day she has had she will always lend a hand to someone else.  I think the world would be such a better place if we all took a page from her book.


Flagstaff, AZ