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Global Senior Advisor and author, The Successful Dyslexic

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I am dyslexic and the author of “The Successful Dyslexic”. I teach three courses online for Adult Dyslexics, Families with dyslexic children, and Teachers at 1 out of every 5 children is dyslexic and they don’t get the help they need because families and teachers don’t know that we learn differently from other people My courses start with the basics of the problem and teach the family, teachers, and adult dyslexics what it is to be a different learner and what they can do about it. You will finally understand why dyslexics learn differently, and your dyslexic child or student will learn real-world techniques to becoming a successful dyslexic.Online classes, webinars and workshops are available to individuals, and groups. Contact Mike Thomas at: [email protected]Or call 615 207-5538.

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