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Happy Gardens Community Organization School

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Executive Director

Bio and Background

I am Lydia Awuor Onyango and I am 34 years old.
I’m Kenyan citizen by birth, born in a small village called Renja.
I’m the first born in a family of four.
I lost my mother when I was five years old and I didn’t know my biological father until in 2020 September.
I grew up in the hands of my grandmother who later on passed away.

I did not have any one to take to school.  When i was 12 years i decided to take myself and my sister to school.

It was not easy going to school without a pencil, a book and even a bag. It became a struggle all through my primary education.

When I finished my primary education, the well wishers got in and helped me through my secondary school.

This really touched my heart and made me have a dream to one day start a nonprofit school to support orphans, disadvantaged and less fortunate in my community.

I am happy today to be the co- founder of Happy Gardens community organization school which supports such children just as I was.

Why I am a Force for Health® Member...

I am humbled that FORCE FOR HEALTH is offering public health education campaign at such scale.

I am a Force for Health® Senior Ambassador, representing  Kenya.

I shall continue to do so. I will extend to those undeserved communities, who are willing to save others.

I’m joining to advocate and advance this Golden campaign to my communities to learn and understand about their health to save my community population!

In advance I’m promoting Force for Health® activities with others such as leaders from the education,  politics,  and religion, as well as the school teachers, to promote the growth of health and  learning.

We will focus our teaching on creating self sustaining efforts to produce even more vibrant communities of health for all of the families here, in Kenya, starting with Nairobi.

My inspiration

Through FFH I have been highly motivated and inspired to continue with my mission of the need in my community.

I now have full potential to move forward  and help the Force for Health® accomplish their mission.


P.O.BOX 13334 Nairobi, Kenya.

What would you like people to know about your community?

As much as I know, Kenya has reached a stage where only the rich attains quality education even if the government started up the free primary education . I am referring here to the quality education, not just education syllabuses in most of government and cheap schools in Kenya.

A poor Kenyan child barely goes to school.  For the few that have the chance to go, they still faced several challenges that even forced some of them to drop out.

What a weary time it is for poor children in Kenya, who have the desire and need to go to school, but not the ability.  We really need to pick them up and support their education, or else, in their later days, they are innocently going to face the consequences of illiteracy because of the lack of their education.

I also want my community women to know that we can prevent cancer by having pap smear done after every two years in order to be cancer free.

I want my community to know that we can find durable solutions for quality education and cancer prevention for our community and county as a whole.

Advancing the DREAM

Advancing the DREAM - What it means to me

To me this means force for health is everlasting solution to Kenyans health problems and quality education.
FORCEFORHEALTH hos holistic approach referred to as force for health awareness.
FORCEFORHEALTH is the collaboration effort of multiple health disciplines educators working locally,nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, and the environment.
Given it is situation,Kenya has embraced the approach in order to be able to predict,prepare and respond to these public health challenges effectively,though still in infancy Stages.

My Action Pledge to Advance the DREAM?

For Force for health program advance Dream.

I have recruited 19 school directors,and I’m going to recruit community medical volunteers,to distribute printed information about force for health Reflects/materials.
This will encompasses anumber of fields and medical professionals and students are sorely needed.
I am also organizing the teenage camp in the month of April from 11th-16th targeting to host 150 teenagers from the slumsettlement.
This upcoming teenage camp needs financial assistance in order to make successful,educative and fun to the teenagers.
This will automatically raise awareness of force for health and sanitation in our community.