Design and Develop

In this phase, TEAMS will start to develop and design your plan and determine how your TEAM can split up responsibilities and create measurable impacts results.

Follow these steps below to create your plan:

Assess the strengths and interest points of each TEAM members and agree to general roles and responsibilities for each member. Then name your TEAM and decide what you want to accomplish. Next, decide how your experts and mentors will be able to help solve the problem. Then determine what are the necessary steps that need to occur and by what date they need to be accomplished by. The next step is to determine what venue or location and social media or digital media tools you intend to use for you plan. 

Execute and Engage

In this phase, HPAC TEAMS should have a plan in how to engage and execute the plan that has been developed in the previous phase. Here are some tips to help your HPAC TEAM execute your plans:

  • First, create a list of action items that need to take place in order to make your plan take place.
  • Delegate the specific tasks to specific TEAM members, and figure out the target community.
  • Will there be backup plans needed? (For example: if your event is outside, what will you do if there is poor weather?)
  • You will need to have all of the proper permission to execute your event.
  • To have permission, you need all of the certain requirement that needs to be achieved in order to execute. 
  • You might or might not need more volunteers depends on how big is your events.
  • Finally, think about how will you capture the moment. 

Assess and Analyze

In this phase, HPAC TEAMS will identify key performance metrics that will be used to assess and analyze the overall effectiveness of the plan.  Following these steps below will create you create your plan:

Determine 3 to 5 tangible and intangible measurements that you will be able to use measure your feedback and results. Decide if you will use quizzes or games to test the knowledges of participants before and after the project. Finally, decide who will be gathering and analyzing the data.

Scale and Share

In this phase, HPAC TEAMS will prepare posters and other types of content that will help to share and scale the information about the IDEAS Project, which will be presented in May on Scholar’s Day.  Following these steps below will create you create your plan:

To begin, make sure your poster is ready to presented. This includes knowing the order in which you will present and ensuring all photos are intentional and clear. Next, decide what the main points you want to convey in you presentation and who you would like to thank in the end.