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Walk 30 Minutes a Day: Basic Health Goal

Congratulations. This is a great goal to have as a starting goal as you work on fitness, strength, weight loss, and feeling good. You may be surprised how much you are already walking. Here are some tips for trying to get in more steps and keeping track of it.

Tip 1

If you have a phone with a clock or timer, or a watch, you can start it and stop it when done or note the time and track it easily. Set up a time to try to get in your walk or walks if you can.


It doesn’t have to be all at once. It can be little pockets of time where you walk 5 minutes 6 times in a day. One way may be before work, at break, at lunch, after work and after dinner.

Tip 3

Make walking the easy choice or the forced choice. For instance, park at the far end of the parking lot when you go to the store or mall or work or school.

Tip 4

Get a partner. With a partner planning to meet you, it is much harder to not do the walk. Conversation can make it go faster and more fun. You may also build a friendship.

Tip 5

Consider using music to help guide you cadence and relax, or listen to a podcast and learn. Always think about personal safety and pick well lit public areas. Watch out for cars or other risks, and let people know where you are.