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My Goal Prescription Tools

Below you have some tabs that will take you to resources and tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Think of them as Education Prescription and Action Prescription to help you overcome your health challenge and accomplish this goal.

Education Prescription: Use the Journeys, Lessons, and Resources to help you get smarter about your issues to help you be more aware and motivated to deal with them.

Move Prescriptions: Think of the measurable action in your goal as a prescription to do daily to help you address your issues and build healthy behavior habits.

Don’t be afraid to explore and see what resources and tools might help you. If you have issues with how to use them, ask the Chat Bot and we will get you to an answer or fix it to make it easier.

Accomplishing a goal is requires determination. Thank you for making the effort to advance your own health so you can be a Force for Health for others.

Here are links some of our tools.